Residents without garbage collection: $120.

Residents with garbage collection: $40.

The transaction entitles a resident to two permits and the right to purchase a third permit for $40. Permits may be purchased online by existing customers only.

What about permits for senior citizens or those in the town abatement program?

All seniors 65 and over (proof of age along with vehicle registration needed) are entitled to one free permit per household and the right to purchase additional permits for $40. Online purchase of senior permits is not available. Seniors may receive one free Recycling & Refuse permit by mail.

All residents in the town abatement program (must be pre-qualified with the assessor’s office) are entitled to one free permit per household and the right to purchase additional permits at $40 each. Online purchase of these permits is not available.

How many permits may a household obtain?

No more than three permits will be issued per household. Any lost replacement permits are $40 each. Permits are not pro-rated.

Where is the permit placed on one’s car or truck?

Recycling center permits must be affixed to the driver’s side windshield to gain access into the Darien Recycling & Refuse Center or the Swap Shop.

How long do the permits last?

The permits expire on June 30 of each year. To receive a permit by mail or in person, have the following documentation available: copy of the vehicle(s) registration; proof of residency (drivers license) if vehicle not registered in Darien; a check made payable to the Town of Darien; if you have a refuse hauler, you must show proof (canceled check or recent invoice), if applicable; a stamped self-addressed envelope (if mailed).
If you own property in Darien but do not reside here, you must prove ownership (a copy of your Darien property tax, mortgage, or utility bill.

Are there one-day recycling passes?

Yes. In late March, the Board of Selectmen approved a plan to give 100 residents one-day no-charge passes at the town’s recycling center.

The program was recommended by the Recycling Center Advisory Committee as a way to get more Darienites to recycle. Residents who receive the passes will get to use the transfer station to recycle items, including single-stream items, batteries, motor oil, metals, large plastics, textiles and fluorescent lights. Visitors would also be able to pick up wood chips or mulch. The one-day pass expires on June 30.