Darien has very low violent and property crime rates, with no murders, manslaughter or rapes reported in many years. The crime rate of 69 incidents per 100,000 people was well below the state crime rate.

Darien averaged about three robberies per year in the past decade. There were four robberies reported in 2009, same as in 2008. Aggravated assault reports averaged almost eight per year over the same period, with 10 in 2009 and three in 2008.

Additionally from 2000-09, burglaries reported in Darien averaged 30 per year (17 in 2009, down from 37 in 2008); larceny and theft reports averaged 147 incidents (111 in 2009, down from 164 in 2008); and motor vehicle thefts averaged 9.5 (2 in 2009, down from six in 2008, 13 in 2007).

The police department issued 1,031 tickets to drivers using cellphones while driving, up from 724 in 2008. The police’s Click It or Ticket program gave out 873 tickets to drivers failing to use seat belts in 2009, up from 656 in 2008. DUI arrests in 2009: 67, down from 95 in 2009.