The average sale price was $1,624,348 in 2011.

There were 149 single family homes on the market for sale as of March 1, 2012, according to the Darien Multiple Listing Service. Asking prices ranged from $399,000 up to $11,900,000. Year to date 14 single family homes have sold between $465,000 (listed at $499,000) up to $2,150,000 (listed at $2,375,000).

Year-end housing data for 2011 showed that 227 single family homes sold compared to 248 the previous year with the median sale price up 5.7% for the year compared to 2010.

Price per square foot averages out to around $493 for 2011, up from $486 in 2010 and $445 in 2009. The sales to list price ratio for the past year was around 92%.

Days on the market have declined to 123. In 2010, the average market time was 140 days, up by four days from 2009 and 20 days from 2008.

Realtors describe the current buyer’s market as a strong one for Darien and are expecting a good spring.