The Darien Department of Public Works started “single stream recycling” in May of 2012. This method allows the mixing of all recyclables in one container and eliminates the need to separate paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal. Single stream recyclables must be loose, empty and no more than lightly soiled. In addition to greater convenience for residents, single stream recycling has vastly increased the number and types of materials that can be recycled. A detailed list of single stream recyclables can be found at This guide fully outlines all materials that can now be recycled and also what not to recycle. Additional questions or comments can be emailed to:

What is unacceptable waste?
The following items are not accepted at the Darien Recycling & Refuse Center: hazardous waste, liquids (except motor oil), paints, asbestos, pathological or medical waste, barrels, cylinders, fire extinguishers, propane tanks and sealed containers.